3 Tips to Help You Choose A Reliable Sex Dolls Online Store.
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By Maxim | 25 December 2019 | 1 Comments

3 Tips to Help You Choose A Reliable Sex Dolls Online Store.

Lifelike dolls are always in the mood, will never nag you, and they can be used to try out fantasy sex positions that your partner may either be unable or unwilling to do. Gone are the days that men used their hands to pleasure themselves. You can transform your boring nights into fun-filled moments if you have her. 
But you may find, there are many sex dolls on the market. Everyone wants a high-quality real love doll, but it’s not easy to identify the quality without seeing or touching your dolls. Which store is reliable? Which is better?
There are three tips to help you choose a reliable sex doll online store. Then, you can shop for a favorite doll freely there.
Tips One: Make sure the store is a legal business.
Some of these online shops are an illegal business. They build up a website, take some photos or copy from other websites, and post them on their own store. Unfortunately, the number of websites is massive, there’s no way all of them can be identified easily. But we must learn to identify them.
What can you do to identify illegal online stores?
Firstly, you can ask some questions like these.
Where is your company?
How long has your store around?
Who are the doll manufacturers?
How long does the sex dolls take to make? (Attention! If they say they can ship immediately, you should beware of them.)
Secondly, you can check their selling price.
The costs of the dolls are not as low as they’re all hand made. So if you find a company selling at a ridiculously low price, you need to be aware of it. Such as, a TPE sex doll (150cm/5 feet) can be sold at $700 USD. Watch out!
Thirdly, ask to pay through PayPal is safer.
PayPal acts as an escrow in each transaction. If you eventually do not receive the item, you can inform PayPal. Paypal will fully refund you. If they don’t accept PayPal, you’ll know their dirty trick behind.
Tips Two: Check their manufacturers.
Some of the unethical sellers take the product images from random websites, post on their sites and claim they are selling the real dolls. When you receive the dolls, you’ll only realize they look way too different from what you see in product images.
What can you do?
Firstly, you can request the sellers to show you the real and raw doll images they sell before, not just the beautiful Photoshopped images.
Secondly, request the sellers to provide your doll pics before they’re shipped. If the seller is reluctant to provide, then you need to watch out. 
Tips Three: Select Sellers Provide After Sales Service.
This is relevant to the Point 2 above. Many online stores are irresponsible. In the events your dolls are damaged during the journey, they do not want to take any responsibility. So you should check with the sellers if they provide any after-sales service before you make a purchase.
About SEXO
SEXO loverealdolls is a professional OEM and ODM 10-year-old Chinese factory.
We use Shopify Secured and PayPal to guarantee your privacy and safety.
We would confirm with you once your dolls make complete: After that, we send her pics to confirm with you.
If the doll suffers any damage during the journey, please talk to us, we can assist.

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