How to clean sex doll
How to clean sex doll

How to clean sex doll?

Use Note: When heating the doll's vagina with a heating rod, to protect the doll's vagina, please use it after 3 to 5 minutes.

For a full cleaning: Put your doll in the bathtub. Most dolls have a neck bolt so take the head off and wrap the neck in plastic of some kind. A plastice bag with a rubber band ususally works well.

Fill the tub with as much warm water as you want pretty much. Then you can use a plastic glass to poor water over her with the soap and just wash her whole body like that. Then rinse good.

Use water to flush out the hole's several time. This works really well as the water just goes into the toliet. You can also use a glass or bottle brush if you like to brush the inside. Just be gentle!

Then set her upright to dry for an hour or so. Just to make sure she is compleaty dry inside. Put a towel on a chair and sit her upright over night to dry.

To powder: Spread a white sheet on bed and place your doll face down on the sheet. Cover her with either cornstarch or babypowder (Just a matter of choice) then spread with a festher duster, turn her over and do the other side.

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